About the Stock Bandit

The entire basis behind The Stock Bandit way of trading is that it's a mindset.

Good trading requires the same mentality of a successful Bandit.  That Bandit will plan thoroughly in order to execute thoroughly, aiming to get away with the prize.  We want to trade the exact same way.  The competition is fierce out there, and we cannot be caught flat-footed.  The trading plan is an integral part of our profitability, enabling us to execute without hesitation.

Trading Like a Bandit is our way of approaching the market from the perspective of risk management and reward maximization.  Whether you'd describe yourself as a day trader, a swing trader, a momentum trader, or an active investor, sound money management will be the deciding factor in your success.

Our network of sites continues to grow and thrive, and it exists to make you a better trader.

We offer tons of free content on our Trading Blog and Trading Videos site, with each of them being updated regularly with new posts.  There you can read trading articles, view market analysis, and find trading lessons to build your skills multiple times per week.

If it's premium info you're seeking...we've got that too.

For those relatively new to trading, our stock trading course will get you ready to trade, teaching you everything you need to know in order to take a more active, hands-on approach with your money.  You can rise above the ranks of those getting tossed around by market volatility, getting involved when conditions are best and playing defense when they are not.

And if you're an experienced trader seeking ideas for tomorrow's trading, our nightly stock pick newsletter is packed with plays, levels, and explanations of what's on the radar.  You'll see what we're trading, where we're trading it, and why we're trading it.  That way you can follow and learn simultaneously.

Whatever it is you need, we're here for you.

 It's time to Trade Like A Bandit... what are you waiting for?